Natural Language Search

The future of search.

What is Natural Language Search?

Consumers expect direct answers to their queries — those complex phrases and questions that mimic our everyday speech. Natural language search uses artificial intelligence to put text or speech into context. When a user types in a query, it produces results that are relevant to the search query's context, and provides an answer in coherent, relevant ways. Multi-word, natural language queries are especially important because they express high intent.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing is a branch of artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computer and human languages. Put simply, it's about the ability of computer software to "listen to," process, and understand human language in the way that it is spoken.

How Does it Work?

Keyword-Based Search

Keyword-matching against specific pages

1. Crawls every page on your website 2. Indexes each page as an entry 3. Returns entries that contain the keyword the most amount of times

Natural Language Search

Natural language processing deciphers user intent
1. Uses natural language processing to parse the query 2. Automatically tries to determine which entities are the best match for a given query